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All our articles are based on practical experience and are intended to help you better understand the subject matter surrounding SAP Cloud. We know how to write our articles in a self-explanatory way so that you can find exactly what you are looking for: The solution to a specific issue. We put a lot of emphasis on the fact that the text is written in a simple way and is descriptive with as many pictures as possible. Feel free to use our search to find a suitable article. Of course we are happy if you rate C4CISEASY. Thank you very much.

Every article we write is closed for itself. You need little to no prior experience to understand an article from C4CIsEasy. We try very hard to stick to simple words. That’s why we use a lot of images to help you understand our text more well. We use three different colors to express our images:


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Part 1: Administrator

Transfer changes from test to productive client - Transport Management

Transport of Layout
Transport of Workflows
Transport of Reports

Set up SAP Sales Cloud - Business Configuration

Region Settings
Duplicated Check

Question around with Surveys

Questions Bank
Related Attachments

Approval Processes

Approval Processes

Settings for mobile device application

Mobile Apps Management
Offline Settings

Tenant Refresh


Microsoft Outlook® Clint-Side Settings

General Settings
Side Panel Options

Part 2: User

Schedule your service assignments

Resource Scheduler

Assign Tasks and Surveys with the Activity Planner

Routing Rules
Usage of Activity Plans

Develope Partner Business


Work with Microsoft Outlook ®

Client Site PlugIn
Server Site Plugin

Work with SAP Sales Cloud APP for mobile Devices

Use It

Our Blog

Visit Reporting

Visit Reporting With SAP Sales Cloud you have various possibilities to evaluate and analyse your visits. This article explains how Navigation for User – Visits

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