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Usage of a Survey

Usage of a Survey

Now you have understood how to build a survey. As already described, there are essentially two different ways to use a survey in SAP Sales Cloud. The first - and probably most common - variant would be a classic survey via e-mail. The second variant would be as a kind of checklist, which is discussed here.

You have the possibility to use this kind of survey in the Business Objects Leads, Opportunity, Phone Call, Sales Quote, Ticket and Visit. To link a survey to this business object, you must use the Activity Planner, which is described in detail here: SAP Sales Cloud – C4C Is Easy – Assign Tasks & Surveys with Activity Planner. In this Article we will show you how to use the survey in the business object, when it is attached to it.

In the Survey tab of these Business Objects – here shown a Visit – you can add as many surveys as you need. In the Surveys section these are listed with different columns of information:


Is the name of the survey which is associated with a hyperlink. By clicking on the name, you can access the survey and fill it out


The status of the survey can be either Open or Completed


The category of the survey you assigned while creating it


An indicator of whether the survey is mandatory or optional to complete. You can control this via the Activity Planner

Signed Status

The signed status of the survey can be either empty, Not Signed or Signed. When there is no question of the type of Signature in a survey it is empty. When there is a question of the type of Signature then it is per default Not Signed and when it is submitted with a Signature then the status becomes Signed


It is possible to remove Surveys with the Status Open with the trash icon


If the box is checked, then the survey has not yet been completed but a draft has been saved

Select a row of the survey for which you want to see more information. Under the Surveys section you will see the Attachments, Survey Summaries and Products sections. The Products section is only visible for the survey categories Products and Competitor Products. Below you can see a screenshot for a non-Product View.

You can add a summary also manually of your survey to the Business Object at any time. To do this, click the More button and then Generate Survey Summary.

With regards to the 360° Customer View, you will also find a tab at the Business Object Account for all Survey Results that have been conducted on these customers. Here you can find all the important details and get information about the results of the survey at the customer level.

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