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Enable customized fields for the API interface

Enable customized fields for the aPI interface

Each newly added customized field can be enabled for the API interface. Depending on which object you add the new field to, the field will be available for the respective collection

The following example shows how to create the field Potential on the Account object and enable it for the interface. Go via your User Icon  to Adaption Mode and Add a new field on the Header Section.

After adding the field and filling out all necessary information navigate in the editing mode to the Tab OData Service. Here you can Add  the field for the desired collection. Finally, click Save.

With an Account Collection within API Request it is now possible to query also the data of the Potential field:$filter=AccountID eq ‘1222590’

In the output the field will be marked with the abbreviation KUT, which stands for Key User Tool. The output for the new customer extension field looks like this:

"ZPotentialContent_KUT": "550000.000000",
"ZPotentialcurrencyCode_KUT": "USD",
"ZPotentialcurrencyCode_KUTText": "US-Dollar",

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